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A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Poker

Poker is a game with many variations, and understanding the different types of poker games is important for those who want to play. This article will talk about 4 different types of Poker games and what makes them unique. If you have ever been curious about how Texas Hold’em differs from Omaha or 7 Card Stud, then this article would be perfect for you!

The 4 best Types of Poker are:

  1. Texas Hold’em is a game where two cards are dealt face down to each player and five community cards. Players make their best hand out of these seven by using both the one they were originally dealt with and those on the table, in any combination that suits them.
  1. Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold ’Em. Still, there are major differences: players also get four hole cards instead of two, must use exactly two from their hand plus three from the board (instead of just one), and can be required to bet more than half your stack at certain points to continue playing as you would go all-in.
  1. Stud Poker is played with a deck of cards in which players are dealt five cards one at a time. The pot goes to the player who has the best poker hand after all five cards have been dealt. To be considered Stud, there must be three or more different types of card ranks (for example, two Aces and an Ace).
  1. Seven Card Stud begins like any other game where each person will get two hole cards, and then four upturned community cards are laid out face-up on the table so that everyone can see them while deciding what they want their final hand to look like.

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