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Best Three Mortgage Myths

All of us learn about the truly amazing advantages of getting a house mortgage. Banks and lots of financial advisors and accountants tell clients to have their mortgage even during retirement. Let us eliminate some common mortgage myths.

#1 Proudly owning is preferable to Renting

Now I actually do accept the statement that proudly owning is preferable to renting a house. However, we have to go just a little further at length to eliminate this common myth.

Owing a house is excellent because you do gain equity and also have something to market later versus renting a house. The parable banks inform us is we “own” the house. In reality the financial institution “owns” the house. We simply are earning payment around the home. Whenever you stop paying around the home the financial institution will foreclose and go ahead and take home from you. Regrettably lots of people have discovered this fact in the last 5 years.

True home possession happens when you will no longer owe anywhere cash on your house. Banks never would like you to repay your home whatever the balance owed. Banks provide you with hel-home equity loans to keep us indebted. A home loan is simply a great big charge card with this home as collateral.

Myth #1 of proudly owning is busted since you don’t “own” your house before the mortgage is compensated off.

#2 I Recieve a Tax Break on Interest Compensated to Bank

Myth #2 of getting a tax break for interest needs to be one the primary culprits why people refuse to repay their house mortgage. I’ve been with clients who condition they don’t want to repay their house mortgage simply because they would lose their tax break.

The tax break excuse needs to be among the stupidest comments available because of not eliminating your home payment. Sorry should i be as being a little harsh using the tax break myth, but you need to have a hard review your own finances rather from the banks.

If you think maybe getting a tax break is a reason you’ll still require a mortgage then please answer this: Can you favour your $800 or $1,500 house payment in your money or even the bank’s banking account?

What’s the way to go? It had better be within my own banking account. Why would you pay your hard earned dollars to some bank for your house whenever you can remove the mortgage? Nobody in the bank will punish you if you choose to repay your home early, so why wouldn’t you?

For a lot too lengthy banks have duped us into believing losing a tax break is really a bad factor. Remember banks are in the industry to produce a profit. Banks earn more money by continuing to keep us indebted on the house. You have to begin working on the intend to pay extra in your house payment. Work out how much you have to pay to chop your payoff date in two. For most of us you would need to make 1 to 3 extra payments annually.

This is a quick example: Your home payment is $1,200 per month. Within this example you would need to start having to pay $100 to $200 extra every month to pay for a couple of more payments annually.

#3 NOT Getting a home loan will Hurt My Credit Rating

I must admit Myth #3 might be partly true. Getting a house mortgage can raise your credit score. By getting a lesser credit rating you might not acquire the best rate on charge cards or vehicle loans.

With this being stated I still indicate Myth #2 of not getting a home payment whatsoever. Have a minute and think how hard will it be to pay for a vehicle payment if you didn’t owe just one cent in your house? A vehicle payment could be simple to afford and then any decent bank would approve you instantly. Obviously I’m presuming you need to do save your valuable loan payment and repay what you owe promptly.


As you can tell I’m pretty enthusiastic about not owing just one cent in your mortgage. Banks have cheated people way too lengthy dispensing these myths. Banks have been in your debt business. Their primary method is debt as well as their primary services are keeping us indebted.

My primary method is HOPE. I wish to show people how you can gain their financial independence and get their financial future.

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