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Unique ways for engagement disclosure

Congratulations on your engagement! The anticipation of spending the rest of your life with someone you love has come to an end. As you plan to excite family members and friends about you tying the knot, get the best engagement announcements at Mixbook.

They have unique ways to help you tell the world or your friends and family that you are engaged. Outlined below are the ways of declaring your engagement.

Use of snail mail

While there are creative ways to announce, like the use of postcards, notecards, and photo announcements, snail mail is a surefire way to spread the news the old fashion way. Imagine the excitement when your friends realize the surprise that lay inside.

Holiday cheers

If your engagement falls around the holiday, you can put on some festive outfits and announce your engagement by wishing everyone on your bucket list a happy holiday. This saves time and serves as an everyday reminder since most people tend to display their holiday cards on walls and fronts of refrigerators.

Spell it out

Use a pop of nostalgia and fun to make the announcement by “scrabbling” letters like ‘’She said yes’’ or ‘’Future Mr. ______’’. 

Personalize the message

Use your vacations, professions, and your history together to custom tailor and deliver a unique announcement. This involves getting a professional shoot on your vacation sites, using your kids’ clothing to spread the message, and even having a printed mug at your workplace.

Planned post

Having a traditional ring selfie, hand-holding picture, snap of the moment, professional photoshoot, and social media post play a significant role in surprising and announcing your engagement.

In-person surprises and digital facetime

An unannounced visit with an engagement ring helps to surprise the family members, and you can see them light up with actual real-time realization.

If the distance between you and your family is a great deal, facetime, skype, virtual hangouts, and even going live on Facebook and Instagram can help pass out your engagement message to your loved ones.

Travel influences and a bevy of balloons

Travel lovers might get a map and spell out the message on mylar balloons in every location where significant milestones took place. The sight of this induces joy and makes people want to participate.

Pets and kid-friendly conduct

Making your pet’s signs like ”My humans are getting engaged” helps to include the pets and spread the message to the family members.

If you have adorable little ones in your family or kids of your own, put them to good use with attractive signs, a custom t-shirt, a cute pose, or a perfect caption to spread the adorable announcement.

Sports euphemisms, game over, and party invitations

Use your bride’s favorite game equipment to convey the message, and let the digital landscape of your game serve as the canvas for your proclamation.

Then, pass out the invitation cards of when and where the festivities will be taking place.

Contact an engagement professional today

Announcing the biggest moment of your life to everyone can be a tedious task. One needs help to pass the message correctly to friends and family. Mixbook professionals will help you to surprise your loved ones properly. Your message will be creatively, attractively, and uniquely conveyed to your friends and families.

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